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About My Macro Chef  

Founded in 2018 with one goal….
'To provide every person who becomes a part of our community with the finest, best quality food in order to help ALL live their best lives and reach their own goals.’- Matt Butler

While providing optimum nutrition is something we hold near and dear to us, that's not all we offer. We are here to educate and inspire our community on EVERYTHING health and wellness, showing them that they can place themselves in a position to succeed no matter what their circumstances. We aren't just your average ‘meal prep company’.

So our promise to you… OUR community, is to provide REAL Education, REAL Motivation And REAL Food all at your fingertips.                                             

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What Sets us Apart




Here at My Macro Chef we are extremely proud to be the first company on the market to provide ALL organic Beef, Free Range pasture fed Chicken and only line caught Seafood. We want to look after our environment as much as possible, therefore all of our containers are reusable and biodegradable.

All of our produce including Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs are sourced from local farms in the Stunning NSW Hunter Valley, where they are delivered straight from the farm. Here we support our local farmers. There is no middle man for us… Farm to Fork is what we like. 

We do not use any large warehouses to produce our meals as they are made in a commercial kitchen by our amazing chefs who take pride and care in each meal they prepare.

My Macro Chef is extremly proud of all its suppliers and its something that we pride ourselves on. Supporting your local community is what we are about.

The Team 

How do we even begin to sum up our phenomial team! 

For starters, My Macro Chef has a Dietitian working side by side with our chefs to ensure our meals meet every single nutritional claim we make. Our Dietitian will also be available to answer any of your nutritional based questions on our Private Facebook group!

Our Athletes….
We didn't want to recruit just any ‘social media famous’ Instagram model, or your typical ‘fit’ athletes to join our team. We wanted a REAL, RAW and UPLIFTING people whom are relatable, so that’s what we went and got. My macro chef believes we have found positive, motivating, inspiring but most importantly, the most knowledgeable athletes in your community.
Our athletes provide workout content and quick and easy recipes to help you reach your goals.
Believe it or not the athletes also jump in the Facebook group as well providing help through their own experiences! So jump on anytime and ask them anything.

Finally we would get in so much trouble if we left these guys out….
We think of them as the heart of Macro, our Chefs!
Head Chef Matt has worked in some of the most elite restaurants in the world spaning from Sydney to London, Paris to Milan he has taken his passion for world class cuisine and trained his fellow chefs to uphold this standard to deliver without doubt, the best made meals on the market.