My Macro Chef

We deliver healthy, fresh, chef-inspired meals directly to your door!


What we do

My Macro Chef

We take the best local produce…

We work with the best local farmers and producers the Hunter region has to offer. This allows us to make your meals from food at its peak freshness and seasonality.

My Macro Chef

To create healthy & delicious meals…

Once your have placed your order, Our team of award winning chefs and in house dietician work side by side to take this amazing produce and create simply mouth watering meals that are also good for you.

My Macro Chef

…and deliver it FRESH to your door!

Once your meals have been finished and approved by our team, They are sealed air tight and packed in environmentally friendly packaging then delivered to your front door ALL IN JUST 48 HOURS!

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We have been enjoying My Macro Chef meals now since 2018, We get weekly orders for both our members and our staff. It's been so rewarding being able to provide a nutritious meal to our members who look to us for quality in this part of their healthier lifestyle
Crossfit Deck
I have always struggled with food, I know what to eat but I just HATE cooking so when I found out about Matt’s meals I had to jump on board.They’re so convenient for me and it’s helped with my training a lot because now all I have to focus on is actually training and the nutrition side is already done for me! It’s awesome for prepping for comps because all I have to do is say Matt I need a bit more carbs here and there or I need to cut this out and it’s done 🙂 helps me mentally as well because I don’t have that stress over me about what to eat, so thanks Matt!
Hayden "Crossfit Athlete"
I have tried several premade meal companies before i found My Macro Chef. Since my first order over 12 months ago i have not looked back. The food is easy to order and delivered FRESH! which is ideal for my shift work roster. The meals are as good as they look and makes it super easy to track my daily macros. The emails keep me fuelled for my active lifestyle training in CrossFit 5-6 times per week. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!!!

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