The Story So Far

My Macro Chef

Simply put My Macro Chef delivers healthy, Fresh, Chef inspired meals directly to your door. But it is so much more...

The idea for My Macro Chef started when founder Matt Butler was using his only day off to meal prep for the week ahead, Matt was working professionally as a chef in a fine dining restaurant in the Hunter Valley, He spent his all week cooking and hated spending his only day off being stuck in the kitchen, He thought surely there is a business who can meal prep for me. He asked around and got a few recommendations for different companies, Matt tried half a dozen and was overly disappointed, Watery vegetables, over cooked meat, sauces loaded with sugar. Matt thought this is just not good enough, I could do a better job myself….and the idea for My Macro Chef was born.
Matt spent the next 6 months experimenting and developing with different techniques and recipes he had perfected in his restaurant and how he could bring them to the world of meal prep. He believed if he could break the mould of “its a microwave meal its ok if its average” and replace that with a true restaurant quality meal that would be ready in 2min he could really make a big impact in the market.

He applied 3 simple rules that he and his team still follow to this day

1. Local seasonal ingredients. Matt is constantly working with his suppliers and local farmers to ensure he is getting the best possible produce that is at the peak of freshness. Everything from our grass fed beef and free range chicken down to our hand picked vegetables is sourced from the hunter valley.

2. You're only as good as your last meal. This rule allows our team to stay focused every single day, We treat every ingredient with the respect and care it deserves. We cook every dish to perfection and if its not perfect we start again. Our meals are precisely weighed out and presented the exact same as if we were working in a restaurant (remember you eat with your eyes first) They are garnished with fresh aromatic herbs and spices the second you open your meal you are hit in the face with the most amazing aroma before you finally get to dig in and taste our creations.

3. The customer always comes first. No customers no business. We always strive to offer the best customer experience to anyone and everyone who interacts with our brand. Everything from a email or dm through to a paying customer everyone is treated the same.

With these rules in place on February 1st 2019 My Macro Chef was launched and in just 18 months we have gone from a simple idea to a business that produces 1000 meals per week, employe 3 members of staff and work with some of the biggest brands from the Hunter and Central Coast.

Our Goals

Be the Number 1 Meal Prep Brand in Australian Crossfit by 2023

The crossfit community has welcomed us with open arms, From the world class athletes we get to work with, The amazing events we get to sponsor and the affilates we work along side on a daily basis, The least we can do is double down on this phenominal community and make Crossfit our home!

Provide 500,000 Meals to Our Community by 2024

We set this goal with a little apprehension, in 2019 we sold approx 15,000 meals, 2020 approx 21,000 meals. 2021 we are on plan for 50,000 meals.... We have a long way to go but we have the team to do it!

Become the Largest Single Donor to Rural Aid Australia by 2025

This charity has a special place in our heart, Matt grew up on the farm and knows all to well about the endless hard work and unforgiving conditions aussie farmers have to deal with year in and year out. Now its our turn to give back with a portion of every single sale being donated to Rural Aid our goal is to be the largest individual contributor to this amazing cause.

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